Here is what a sampling of Kimberly satisfied clients had to say…

“I have known Kim for approximately 2 years, in her role as Director of Philanthropy at Ruyton Girls’ School. During this time, Kim took on a leadership role for a collaboration of independent girls’schools, including Melbourne Girls Grammar, that met regularly to discuss issues relating to philanthropy in the independent girls’ school sector in Melbourne. The group included Chairs of School Foundations, Chairs of School Council or Boards and Directors of Development or Community Relations.”

“Kim Downes has an impressive knowledge of all aspects of fundraising including annual appeals, major gifts and bequests. She has worked in the educational sector (both schools and tertiary), the health sector and other not-for-profits. Kim is passionate about fundraising and working with organisations to develop a fundraising program tailored to fulfil their requirements.”

“Kim is a very experienced person in the area of philanthropy, with a great connection to those she works with. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kim. She is honest, reliable and has a great work ethic. She is a great team player and managed to foster positive discussions in our meetings.”

“Kim’s knowledge of philanthropy was a great asset to our organisation. She developed the philanthropy structure and we have all learned and been inspired by her approach and enthusiasm. She will be greatly missed.”

Robyn Kanat

“Kim was able to bring a depth of experience to the group from her background in the education sector but also due to her exposure to corporate philanthropy from her time working as a consultant. This assisted the group to analyze issues in depth and work collaboratively to assist each other and address challenges that are unique to the independent girls’ school sector.”

Kathryn Austin
Director of Development
Melbourne Girls Grammar

Thank you for everything you have done for Taylor. Getting Taylor Community on the path for development was huge!…and not easy. You are a joy. — Susan ( Denopoulos) Abrami

I wanted to send a note to express how much I appreciate what you are doing for our organisation and who you are as our development professional. You bring a depth and wealth of experience to our institution that I not only admire but we so desperately need. I don’t take for granted how organized you are helping us become, and how well you manage your Associate to be efficient and effective on our behalf.

I would recommend you to anyone. Your audit last year was fantastic and is really helping me with my development plan. We have a lot to do here but you have put us in the right direction.

I have worked with Ms. Cabral for a couple of years. She conducted an audit of my former organisation and when I moved on and realized my new organisation needed her expertise and I commissioned her for our development audit. She has the knowledge and organisational skills to put a wavering board and agency on track in the area of development and best practices. Her process of identifying challenges and strengths works as she creates a document that you would not want to sit on the shelf. She also offers support to walk you through her recommendations and projections. She responds quickly and professionally via e-mail and teleconferencing. She is sharp and keeps herself informed about the most recent trending practices in development.

Through her development audit, she provided us with the long-term vision for our fund development efforts. She helped us to see the big picture and provided us with a blueprint for moving forward.

Many thanks! To our surprise, without any kind of ask at all, just an envelope enclosed-to date we have received $10,208.40! We mailed to about 600 and have received returns from 152. One donation was for $2,000-That is the largest single donation we have ever received!

Robin L. Cabral is one of the most dedicated professionals that I know. She is driven by results. Dedicated to the cause.

This is a darn good direct mail appeal letter. We make a great team together.

Robin Cabral is an amazing, professional fundraiser with a winning attitude who commands results!

You are great and 110% dedicated to what you do !!! … I admire that you help nonprofit businesses with their needs through creative fundraising efforts !!! …. you go, girl !!! …

Thank you for the valuable leadership, professionalism, warmth, and personal effort you gave to our organisation. You are leaving the program on a good foundation; be proud of that growth.

You’ve worked hard and done an amazing job! Now that I’m involved, I am in awe of all the details and concerns you had to piece together to make a vibrant and complete whole!! Thank you for your love, care and dedication on behalf of our organisation.

Another great tool for our fundraising toolbox! Check out this great site for complete fundraising help; seminars, trainings consultations. Meet Robin and tap into her talent, knowledge, enthusiasm and demonstrated local know how in raising more money!

You are everything that everyone I have yet spoken to has to say; passionate about your work, extremely personable and highly dedicated to your profession.

Refreshing to have an outside perspective of your work!

Great facilitator!

I think our organisation should be proud of this effort and approach to planning for the future!

I am heartened that our strategic plan will be solid and well crafted, due to your diligence and commitment.

We have had a great response to our campaign.  I did some face to face that resulted in a $15,000 gift, and we are presently at $105,350 on our $102,000 goal.

Congrats, your application to Amelia Peabody for EMR was funded. Thank you!

Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your responsiveness. It is quite unusual, and most appreciated.

It was a pleasure to speak with you, and we’re confident you are the person to map out the path ahead for our organisation. Looking forward to our next meeting.

I so loved working with you and realizing all the blogs and workshops and web meetings I’ve been inhaling over the last two years at least allow me to understand fully what you are saying!

Your report today was comprehensive, on the money, and will help us focus our development efforts in the right direction.

I couldn’t be happier. Here’s to a long and prosperous partnership!

Thanks for all you do, Robin. I tell you, I sleep better each night AND have actually FINISHED two novels!
xoxo the happy camper

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, you did a great job last night and it was truly appreciated! I can say I was inspired by it to truly look at how I carry on, not just in regards to the organisation but in all aspects, so thank you!

This case for support is a monumental and fantastic asset to our organisation. It will pay dividends. Great job Robin.

Thanks Robin. What would we do without you.

We were blessed with a very dedicated development consultant, Robin Cabral, who has been working with us for the past six months and developed our fund development plan. Robin is now helping us implement that ambitious plan.

This case for support document is fantastic and strong and will be SO effective!!!

Thanks so much for your excellent organisation and direction.

The results have been pretty unbelievable for us, believe me!

I’m most thankful this year for having such a wonderful development guru ALWAYS on tap and teaching and leading the Friends on the path to “Best little non-profit in New Beffa”

Thank you, Robin. We are so grateful that you have joined us to further this very important work. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like without you there.

Robin, in only 7 months, has managed to not only get our very uneducated board on a more professional track but also increased our revenue 200%! She is ORGANIZED. She explains her plans clearly. She writes beautifully. She is always prompt in answering my many emailed questions. We have never had ANY paid help in our 30 years but I knew it was time and I am so thankful we found Robin…she is a perfect fit and is leading us on our first capital campaign, and trust me, without her we would not be even considering such big project!
To sum up my feelings… Robin is what I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving! I have “a life” back as she has taken such a big burden of leadership off my shoulders.

You have been a godsend to us. I cannot thank you enough for filling the breach, and doing it so brilliantly.

God bless you for all your efforts to help us end our year strong. You are a great lady with terrific ideas. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. You are a wonderful woman!

Thanks so much for todays session. I think it was helpful to hear your input….definitely! I left the meeting with our Campaign Chair and he walked out saying he really thought this was a good use of our time and it’s apparent that we have to stay focused on the A list askers and prospects….and actually do some asks!!

I feel so much more confident about fundraising this year with your help.

Thank you so much again for your help, this has been, truly, an incredible learning experience. With your help, we’ll have the funding to afford your services again in the near future, to reach even greater goals! I feel so much more at ease with having a plan in place.

I have worked with Robin for over a year at our organisation. We brought her on to help us with fundraising and development. She is the consummate pro in her field and has extensive experience with faith-based organisations.

Thank you, Robin for all you have done. You are a delight to work with.

Thank you for your dedication to our mission! We are eternally grateful for the progress we’ve made as an organisation building our culture of philanthropy–we could not have done it with your guidance, patience, persistence, and prayer.

You definitely brought us true value, which we’ve found to be extremely difficult to find in this area, and I want to thank you for all your hard work and time.

Great proposal, Robin! I don’t know how you found the time to put this together, but we are very grateful that you did. If approved, this will allow us to move forward with our plan!

You have been of inestimable value to the organisation.